Did I say beyond the haze?

February 14, 2009 at 3:30 am | Posted in Quit | 2 Comments
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I must have been talking about the literal haze because it sure has been a brain hazy day.

I had amazing vivid dreams last night and in everyone I was a confident non smoker. Why then did I wake up feeling like I had been hit by a train? I am assuming it was because the chemicals leaving my body where in their last death throes. I didn’t even want to smoke at the time. I would have thrown up. That was a nice change. I can think of very few occasions that I couldn’t find a way to smoke through before now. I think the norovirus was a notable one.

Took a shower and began doing things for myself.  I had my hair cut today and the woman gave me that most amazing head massage. Headache taken care of. I think I might need to pay her just to do that to me more often. Then I headed to Let’s Dish. I had signed up to prepare meals a few weeks ago.

After I arrived and settled in, the haze hit. I could hardly remember what I was supposed to be adding to a dish two seconds after I measured it. It was very frustrating.  I finally worked through it and hopefully all of the meals will taste OK. Luckily tonight’s was good so that gives me hope.

It was a roller coaster day but a good day. There were times that I even forgot about smoking and felt really good. Then I would nearly panic thinking how could I feel this good? Did I smoke and forget? N.O.P.E. I was getting glimpses of what my brain is capable of eventually achieving. It felt good.

This is still a long process and nowhere nearly done. I do feel as day 3 winds to a close that one corner was turned today.


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