Just another medical day around here

March 5, 2009 at 4:19 am | Posted in life | Leave a comment
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Rai had an appointment today to start serial casting to stretch her heel cords. That is a usual thing around here. Then I get a call from the preschool asking me to come get Laura. Apparently she was running in the classroom, tripped and hit the side her head on the corner of a table.  She was fine when I got there but I could tell the cut was going to need some sort of attention. Luckily, just not immediately.

Off we went to Rai’s appointment. When that was over, we went upstairs to one of our pediatrician’s offices. Laura ended up only needing glue and not stiches. Since is the side of her head, who cares. Her hair will cover any scar.

She doesn’t seem to care and I am not sure she has learned a lesson. Hopefully she will soon before she gets seriously hurt. Rai on the other hand is none too pleased about being back in a cast.




February 24, 2009 at 4:57 am | Posted in Quit | 3 Comments
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We were on the go today. Laura had a cold last week and during the weekend it it morphed into more. She has been running 101 degree fevers since Friday night, coughing and just plain gunky. So I took her in this morning after getting Rai on the bus and dropping Mira off at school. Laura may or may not have pneumonia again. Her CBC was fine but I guess there was something on the x-ray. She was precribed amoxicillan pending the radiologist’s reading.

We then rushed to my therapy appointment, then to Target to get her script filled and quick lunch, off the the post office and finally took a break at a book store. We spent a few minutes at home and had to go get Mira. We rushed home to beat Rai’s bus and finally were done for the day. Well sorta…we still had the rest of the evening routine but at least that was normal.

What is amazing about the day is how little I thought about smoking. I am reaching the point where I have been not smoking just long enough to go through a crazy day withough thinking about when I would have had a cigarette. I only realized it later when I thought about the day.

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