The more I think the more annoyed I am.

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Two weeks ago, my middle child started running a high fever. She developed a slight cough, runny nose and a headache. I didn’t think much of it at the time. After a few days, she bounced back and was fine.

The next day her younger sister, who has asthma, spiked a 101.6 fever at school. We took her to the ped and was told it was just a cold. We asked about flu…ya know because of the new flu. We were told that they were not seeing any of that. She ran high fevers, had diarrhea, said her tummy hurt, coughed some and had a runny nose. We used her nebulizer a couple of times. After 3 days her fever came down some but the next day it shot back up so back to the doctor we went. She had developed an ear infection so she started antibiotics. They seemed to help but even so her fever persisted for 3 more days before breaking and going away.

My oldest also developed a runny nose, fatigue, low grade fever and a cough during this period. After a couple of days of that her fever shot up to 102.5. She also ended up on an antibiotic but like her sister, her fever ran for 3 more days in the same pattern. She was also so sick that she couldn’t manage to eat her food so I kept her hydrated and fed through her g-tube. Her cough did change as well so I took her back and her antibiotic was switched to one that covered bacteria that tend to cause respiratory infections. Finally, she started to get better after being sick for nearly 10 days.

I took her for a recheck and was told that it was likely that she and the other girls had the flu. Given the fact that most of the flu going around is the new one, it was probably that according to the doctor. I asked each and every time we saw a doctor if they were seeing influenza and was told no each time. I was told they were seeing a lot of respiratory virus but not influenza. Well apparently they were wrong.

Now the Minnesota Department of Health has released a statement that includes this little gem

the number of confirmed cases in Minnesota has more than doubled over the last week, including an increase in hospitalizations, with 221 cases identified as of June 11 and 46 hospitalizations. An average of 30 cases per day have been identified over the past three days.

They also say that  A/H1N1 has been widespread in Minnesota since mid-May.

I have heard over and over again how we are a well prepared state for a pandemic and that we have great communication with public health officials. I am not sure I have found that to be true in my own personal experience. If it was so widespread, why were my two high risk children not offered tests or Tamiflu? We made it though and luckily without serious incident but it could have been very different. I am not sure who to be angry with since I am not sure where the problem lay. Either the health department isn’t doing a good job at communicating with health care providers or our pediatrician erred on the side of not getting worried about a pandemic and dropped the ball with us. Either way, my children did not receive the care they should have and that upsets me.


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