My feet suck

April 6, 2009 at 3:04 am | Posted in 5K, life, Quit | 3 Comments
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I think I need to see a podiatrist. I am pretty sure I am developing Plantar fasciitis. I also have pain under the ball of the second toe of left foot along with shin pain in both legs.

I know the cause of most of my problems. I have flat feet. I do have custom orthotics but they hurt like hell. I bought some over the counter ones that were working really well until I put them in my new shoes. I think I over corrected because I looked at the bottom of my shoes and the slight wear so far looks like I am supinating.

Perhaps I should have done more research first. I probably should have bought neutral shoes to accommodate the orthotics or just wear the stability shoes I did buy without the orthotics. After all, the guy at the local running store fitted me with them without including the orthotics in the equation. I didn’t bring them with me.

All of my issues are compounded by the fact I am a new-again runner and overweight. The good news is that I have gone to 5 minute intervals and it doesn’t actually feel bad when I am running.

It just hurts like hell afterwards. It seems that all I do is ice, stretch and try to strengthen my lower legs and feet these days when I have time.



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  1. Jo, I can only imagine how much it hurts – I had an injury in one foot and it was not fun.

    I did have to chuckle at your terminology! LOL Supinating…..etc! LOL

  2. I always thought flat feet would be better(I have really high arches), but after hearing about your problems, I will be grateful for my arches.

  3. Kristen-it depends on how you walk/run. High arches have their risks too depending on your gait and some of the risks are similar. As long as you aren’t having problems, you are fine.

    A lot also has to do with not realizing how weak lower leg/feet muscles are until you start running. When you run, 9 times your body weight is driven down through the lower shins and feet. What seems strong when walking can turn to mush when running and compounds the problems.

    Thanks Tamika!

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